Photos of sliding and revolving automatic doors

Automatic Doors

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The state-of-the-art sliding door operators, supplied and installed by Byrnes Entrance Technology (BET), are robust and powerful for multi-storey building entries, whisper-quiet for library and hospital doors, versatile and intelligent for wide ranging specialty applications.

Continuous progress of BET and Swiss door-automation technology, combined with AUSTRALIAN practical application know-how and a firm committment to produce the best, safest, most reliable and economical sliding door operator, again results in a unique and high-performance technical masterpiece.

The advanced BET and Swiss drive modules and the matching, totally Australian designed and manufactured door operator transom system, give unmatched performance levels for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications, at a very economical price.

BET door operators are fully programmable via the SERCOM service computer, to suit special and individual requirements, both during and after time of installation.

The new and elegant slimline transom, allows for unobtrusive integration into a wide range of architecturally designed building styles.

Over a long lifetime BET operators will perform safely, reliably, economically and silently, with minimum need for maintenance. BET the undisputed leader in door automation.



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